The Oaker Designs Family

Hello and welcome!

We are Aaron and April Irwin - the husband and wife team and co-founders of the gorgeous culturally inspired baby playmat business - Oaker Designs.

We are 100% family owned and operated and are based in tropical Cairns, North Queensland. Our two sons, Oakley and Walker were the drivers and inspiration behind creating Oaker Designs .

Combined, we bring a range of skills and experience to Oaker Designs. April is a passionate early-childhood teacher, with a background in Business and Management. Aaron also operates his own successful automotive business which has led the way for Oaker Designs to go from dream to reality.

We are an Indigenous-owned and operated company, with Aaron (and our boys) being proud descendants of the Jawoyn and Gurindji peoples (from the Northern Territory) and we are so proud to share our gorgeous "culturally inspired" playmats with you. Xx