Stories of our Art

We are proud to share the stories of our artwork - as created and written by Leah Cummins, Founder of Bunya Designs.


Bora Rings on Country

This piece is the story of the celebration of the magical and protected Bora Rings that lay all over our country in places special to my old people. My people would gather to celebrate culture, tribal ceremonies and meet to trade with other tribes. These celebrations would be days long of storytelling, dancing and singing. These Bora Rings celebrate our longest living continuing culture in the world.

Mirako Kaampa

Mirako kaampa "Mother Sun" in the Mayi language, is the celebration of the sun and what it provides to our people. Without the water and sun we don't have growth and as mother earth is important, so is the sun. I want to pay my respect to the land my people come from. We must connect back to her Mother Earth and live in peace and harmony with the land.Care for the land as it cares for and provides for us.


Authentic Aboriginal Art by Leah Cummins
Indigenous Art Code 5984